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Intercultural Services

Now, more than ever, corporations that are assigned to foreign countries are finding it neccessary to learn the Spanish language as well as the culture itself.
While it is essential to master the basics of a language, the vast proportion of communication within a culture occurs nonverbally through behavior and manners, shared attitudes, common expectations and so on. Within the 21 Hispanic countries in the world, there are many distinctive regional styles that govern business and social communication. Breaking these unspoken cultural rules can spell disaster for business people, travelers or anyone who attempts to communicate across cultural boundaries.
HAA’s intercultural training will enable you to successfully manage interpersonal communication across a broad spectrum of Hispanic cultures. Our programs will give you the tools necessary for effective interaction in the global village – and the global marketplace.
We offer intercultural consulting to private individuals and non-profit organizations as well as to multinational companies in the areas of:
• Business
• Business etiquette
• Cross-cultural relocation
• Cross-cultural negotiation
• Intercultural business communication training
• Adoption
• Missionary Assignments
• Other